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HD Outdoor

3.33mm Outdoor

What’s Special

〉Used to be the finest pitch for outdoor and now one of the most stable and popular HD outdoor products.

〉Patent No. 201620815231.2


〉Water-proof with IP65/IP67 optional;

〉Brightness: 4,500-6,000nits optional;

〉Black led at 5,000nits brightness;

〉Front access optional( custom solution);

〉Power consumption: 780W/㎡+;

〉EMC Class B ( 2 cabinets installed );

〉5 years warranty available (custom);

Recommended Applications

〉Entrance displays;       

〉Street furniture;                                                                                                       

〉Railway station commercials;                                 

Functionality & Features

〉Flash built-in–”smart modules”;

〉Fault detection on pixels;

〉Other detections:

a) Voltage;

b) Power supplies;

c) Temperature;

d) Smoke;

e) Open door;

Module & Cabinet

〉Size of module: 240x240 (mm) optional;

Pixel matrix: 72 x 72;

Mold of module: die-cast aluminum;

IP65 v.s. IP67 optional;

Front access available (custom);

Size of cabinet: 480 x 720(mm);

Material: Aluminum;

Accuracy in flatness: 0.3mm;

( Note: Values here could vary from project to project.)