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Popular Products

All AluminumTM-- A New Generation of LED Displays

 -- Patent No. 201620815231.2

And about the cost, you would be surprised.

I. Primary Features

Module Size

●Die-cast aluminum housing;

●IP65 at front & rear;

●Front access, all of them;

●5000nits, 50°C;

●EMC compliant, Class B;

●No fans needed in the whole unit;

●Marvelous alignment thanks to the die-cast;

●These products share 1 housing: 3.3mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm;

II. Heat dissipation, highly efficient

●All heat is dissipated to all directions through the aluminum structure – the module, the cabinet & the frame;

●Temperature is kept within 10°C above the ambient temperature;

●The max. temperature in shop is 55°C, with the majority at 50°。

III. Front access – all of them

No magnetic solution, nor is it fixed by screws. All our front accesses are of concrete and easy-to-operate fixation.

List Of Front Access (Outdoor):

●3.3mm (Wow!);


●4.8mm (Wow!);







It’s certain not easy to believe that 3.3mm, 4mm & 4.8mm are front serviceable without magnetic solution, but they are.

IV. EMC-conformed, Class B, by its nature

Here’s why:

When the system is well shielded in one way or another, you have the best EMC compliance.

V. 100% Recyclable

Aluminum housing is nearly 100% recyclable after 10 years,

VII. Normal Module

By lifting the rear cover, you would have converted the module back to a “normal” module, an advantageous one.