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There are about 150 companies that produce led displays. They are of different sizes, and some of them sell to domestic markets only. Among them about half have the capability to sell to overseas markets, some of them are bigger or much bigger than the others.
I. Divided By Product Lines
These companies that have the capability to sell to overseas markets can be divided into three group by product lines:


1. Rental & Staging Products
ROE(Radiant Opto-electronics), Glux, Createled, Gloshine, etc. have the identical images of focusing on their own speciatise. ROE and Glux mainly focus on staging products and the rest focus on rental cabinets, while ROE and Createled have high end rental products, and companies such as Gloshine supply low-end ones.

2. Dealing in Both Rental & Fixed Installation Products:
A majority of companies in this business are trying to have as big market shares in both rental products and fixed installation products. These companies include Absen, Esdlumin, Unilumin, Liantronics, Chipshow, Di-colours, etc. You name it, it is. The bigger ones such as Absen and Unilumin may build up their advantages by making their factories and assembly lines look nice, and some of them do have good quality. But the rest, just try to do as much business as possible by hiring as many people in their sales team, sending out tons of emails to overseas companies as possible, with many of them being inexperienced.

3. Specializing Only on Fixed Installation
Darklight Technology is one of the few manufacturers in this industry that focus on fixed installation. Everything we do, is related to fixed installation category. We may have some die-cast products, but they are also mainly for building high-resolution products that are not really good for using regular aluminum cabinets. Here’s how we conduct our jobs:
We have developed the highest-resolution outdoor products in the world and have been in a leading position in this field. The finest pitch we have so far, is 3.2mm;
We have developed the best power-efficient products. The maximum power consumption is 220W for 20mm pixel pitch and 200W for 4.27mm external product;
We have front access for almost all our product line, from 3.2mm/3.9mm external, to 16mm external, not to mention all the internal products, which are a lot easier by using magnetic device;
We have EMC for every product in our product line because EU is one of our essential markets;

II. You may want to have Absen or Liantronics as your partner. Please feel free to do so, but you will suffer soon.

The so-called Big Guys in this industry are ambitious and sometimes greedy companies. Their ambition is to become number one in the world in sales, but not in technology, services, company image, and business development built in a solid base. Their principal tactic, is to build a nice-looking factory and give high but not achievable promises to those who don’t really know them well. Their final goal is to go direct to the end users, to grab the retail market as much as possible.

A lot of local led display companies go to these bigger manufacturers because they have nice-looking facilities. But they soon suffer from the false promises and find themselves competing with their suppliers, because they usually have a big sales team, giving out tons of offers to small dealers and end users in every single local marketplace accessible to them.

In the deeper mind of the owners of these companies, their real intention is to eliminate their “Distributors”, so that they can enjoy bigger profit, hoping that there will be as little customer services as possible. Driven by this philosophy, all they care about is sales. It is said that there are more than 150 people in Absen contacting every potential customer throughout the world everyday. There are about 60-70 people in Liantronics’ sales team and roughly the same number of people in Unilumin’s. They have quota for each sales person forcing them to try to sell at every possible opportunity. This makes it impossible for these companies to keep all their promises and their strategies always on the right track.

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