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EMC Compliance in Our Products

Ever since 2010, when few people in China, or even from Europe really understood what EMC was, Jimmy Feng, one of the partners in Darklight, has started to work on EMC compliance in the LED displays to be delivered to Europe. Having been developing the knowhow to meet this European norm, we are able to have every single product in our product line EMC--approved now. In this field, we are far ahead of our competitors, including the “Big 5”, who from time to time deliver the so—ironically--called “”Chinese CE”, to Europe, in order to get benefits...


To achieve high refresh rate and high grey scale levels. Among the popular drivers in this industries, Macro Block has the biggest share in this area. Its 5153 is believed to be the most powerful driver for scanning products: it doesn’t only provide super high refresh rate (8000Hz is achievable) and high grey scale levels (16384 color processing for each color), but also provide capability of elimination of removal of trailing..

Saving 30%-40% Power

What? 340W for a 16mm outdoor DIP at its peak power consumption? Impossible! Are you joking?
No. We joke when having a coffee or tea, but not in business. It is true that we can reach 340W for a 16mm outdoor DIP, and 220W for a 20mm at maximum power consumption, at the brightness of about 7,000nits. Please don’t be surprised at people being so surprised at these figures, as from a regular 16mm being at 1100W......

3.2mm Potting

Potting on a 3.2mm pixel pitch is something that sounds far from real. If you have been in this business long enough, you may be aware that the difference between a 4mm outdoor and a 5mm outdoor, is not just 1mm in their pixel pitch, but there is a big gap to jump over between two products: the potting, the way to fix the PCB, and the method of putting a good and stable grid (mask) on the product, etc.

Control System

As one of the most important parts of LED display, control system is the “vessel” of the whole screen. They connect the seperated cabinets to a large screen, and then you tell the display what to do through the control system on the computer.
We can offer you the control system both synchronous and asynchronous based on your different needs. For example, you may want to display the video and pictures in real time, then you will need the synchronous .....

Redundancy of Power and Signal

If you are building a very important display, such as the displays installed in London’s airport, or a display installed for such an important occasion as the National Day Parade in Paris or somewhere else in the world, you and your customer would not allow this display to have failure or malfunctions on a cabinet or a column of cabinets.

What can we do to ensure such failure won’t happen?

Firstly let us look at the possible factors that may cause such a breakdown:
● Failure of power supplies;
● Failure of receiver cards;
● Failure of hubs;

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