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Reliability Testing on Led(SMD Outdoor)

I.Name of Testing: Reliability of Led (SMD Outdoor)
II.Purpose of Testing: To find out reliability level of the outdoor SMD leds in terms of durability under high temperature and water resistance at extreme weathers and the rapid shifting of such extreme weathers;
III.Criteria: A testing method typical in the led packaging industry;
IV.Description of testing method: Cook with water in a high-pressure cooker for 30 minutes, then shift the subjects to a freezer for 30 minutes. Such two processes make up for one round of the testing. There are 100 round in each testing program.
V.Testing conditions: 1. Pressure level of the high-pressure cooker is 1.8MPa, and the temperature inside the freezer is -25℃;
VI.Judgment Criteria: after 100 rounds of testing (shifting from high-pressure cooker to freezer for 30 minutes respectively for 100 times), we will find out: 1. If there are damages on the appearance of the leds and how many; 2. If there are any failures in leds and the percentage v.s. numbers of such failures by electrifying them piece by piece.
VII. Time of Testing: 10th July 2015 to 14th July 2015
VIII.Pictures of tools:

Hi-pressure Cooker Freezer

IX.This test is no.50 of 100 tests altogether;

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