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Partnership is one of the keys to success in the market side. Some of led display companies in local markets may want to buy from whoever has the cheapest products, or frequently change their suppliers for different products. These companies may have some short-term advantages by buying relatively cheaper products, as a lot of suppliers lower down their prices to attract new customers. Yet, they lose loyalty and stable, consistent quality assurance from.

Bigger companies more often than not chose to build up long-term partnership with their excellent suppliers. The partners share most of the information that they have separately, and support each other in different cases. The long-term relationship results in deep and complete understanding between two companies, which is very important for them to work as a “One Team” in winning some big projects.

What do our partners get from this business model?

From us, they have:

1.Access to the most advanced technologies, which in turn we are updated constantly by our suppliers of Leds, driver ICs, control systems, power supplies, and combination of these technologies, etc.
2.Most accurate right-to-the-point solution that they get from us each time when they have an inquiry, as a result of our team being professional in fixed installation, well-equipped with the above-mentioned technologies;
3.Most competitive pricing. We update pricing to our partners every three months, sometimes more frequently. This is one of the most effective measures in keeping our clients competitive ( so that we are able to have more orders resulting from their being competitive).
4.Loyalty in partnership. It is our principle not to turn around our partners to the next level of clients, or even end users. I have a good reputation in this aspect.
strong technical support. Whenever our partners need, our technical team are always ready to reach out to them so as to provide strong technical backup to them.

Professionally Invisible

You may have noticed that we don’t show projects here in this website, even though Darklite has done many projects that any company would be proud of. The reason for this, is we don’t show our clients’ projects. We are powerful but invisible. We have an important role to play as a designer, manufacturer and services provider to our partners but we don’t go into the end users’ market. This has been our policy and strategy ever since Darklite was founded in 2009.

By sticking to this policy, Darklite has won trust and loyalty from its clients all over the world. In most major countries in Europe, we work with the number one or number two companies from the local markets — a great honor to our team.

What Is Professionalism In Our Eyes

● When everybody is talking about Nation Star’s being stable in its quality, we found out by lab testing that about 35pcs of its SMD outdoor leds out of the 100pcs that we have tested with a strict water proof testing are failure. This is a result that is not better than a regular small-sized manufacturer of led, such as Inteled;
● The fact that 20% more cost is found in a EMC product over a non-EMC product is generally accepted as the truth, but we found out there are a better way of doing EMC, which would bring us roughly 8% cost up;
● We try to make our clients aware that MBI5024, is about 95% similar as MBI5020, though it is about twice as expensive as the latter. Therefore it does not make much sense to insist using 5024. Instead, a relatively new one, MBI5124 has been a replacement of both and is widely used now.

● For displays installed in the middle east, it is important to know that we need to find the right way to lower down the power consumption, so as to keep the heat at a low level, which is key to keep the unit in good shape;
● We also are knowledgeable how to protect a unit from damages from the extremely salty water by the seaside;
● We are exposed to drivers such as MBI, My-semi, Citi, SUM, TI, etc., and we know well which driver is the most powerful one for scanning products, which one is good for losing the trailing leds, when we want to have a low power consumption, what driver fits the best, and we would not forget that some low-power-consumption drivers have a restriction on electrical current so it may mean it’s not any led that you can use for such purpose;
● There can be more than one options for a customer’s need and we have the knowhow to select the right one for them, with considerations not only on the technical side, but also from the marketing side, the user’s point of view for optimizing the value, etc. That is professionalism in an industry.
● We know well that only when you are dedicated to some particular market segments are you able to be professional enough to avoid mistakes for our clients, and help them optimize the values of the investments by the users, and so we are to High-definition Outdoor applications. The outstanding product mix we have are: for outdoor product, we have 3.2mm, 3.9mm, 4.27mm, and 4.8mm; and for semi-outdoor products, we have 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, all are at the brightness of more than 3,500nits.

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