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HD Outdoor

P2.56mm Outdoor

What’s Special

〉World’s by far the highest resolution for outdoor fixed installs;

〉Patent No. 201620815231.2


〉Water-proof with silicon potting;

〉Brightness: 4000-4500nits;

〉Black-face led;

〉All aluminum design, favorable for cooling;

〉Power consumption(max): 780W/㎡;

〉EMC Class B ;  

Recommended Applications

〉Street furniture;

〉Entrance displays;

〉Railway station commercials;

Functionality & Features

〉Flash built-in – “smart modules”;

〉Fault detection on pixels;                          

〉Other detections:

a)  Voltage;

b)  Power supplies;

c)  Temperature;

d)  Smoke;

e)  Open door;

Module & Cabinet

〉Size of module: 192mmx192mm;

〉Pixel matrix: 75 x 75;

〉Material of module: die-cast;

〉IP65/IP54, front/rear;

〉With mask (grid) & without mask optional;

〉Size of cabinet: 576 x 576 (mm);         〉IP level: IP65/IP54, front/rear;

〉Material: Aluminum die-cast;               〉Other custom sizes available but

〉Accuracy in flatness: 0.2mm;                   with aluminum cases;

( Note: Values here could vary from project to project.)