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Potting on 3.2mm

Potting on a 3.2mm pixel pitch is something that sounds far from real. If you have been in this business long enough, you may be aware that the difference between a 4mm outdoor and a 5mm outdoor, is not just 1mm in their pixel pitch, but there is a big gap to jump over between two products: the potting, the way to fix the PCB, and the method of putting a good and stable grid (mask) on the product, etc.

Extreme Tests on Leds

What is your criteria in choosing one LED brand name? Is it about price that you look at? Or do you depend on your suppliers who make the decisions just in accordance with listening to the “rumors” that flow from one factory to another.
1.The factory must be a well-managed factory. They have clear quality management guidelines and good implementation processes that are strictly under control;
2.The manufacturer of led should have a trackable history, i.e. they should have a good reputation in the market...........

About Our Chassis

Private Chassis V.S. Out-sourced Chassis
People believe that one of the great advantages that Shenzhen has compared to other places in supplying led display products is you can have all components easily accessible here in the city, especially the chassis, which is believed to be one of the critical components that a lot of factories can buy from factories who produce them and sell to different led manufacturers....
Yet, this is good only for lower-quality-level products. ........

About Our Control System

In a project of 700 square meters(7 displays 100 square meters each) of 6mm that the airport of one of the world’s largest and most advanced cities buys, they want to have redundancy of power and signal, fault detection by pixel, detection on led modules for operation status, EMC compliance, etc. Now would your control system supplier be able to help you fulfill this job?

About Our Drivers

As one of the key components of the led displays, driver IC is believed to be heart and the nervous system that controls the display. It receive instructions from the control system and work with all parts of the display to make it work well, especially the leds.

You tell the display what to do through the control system, and you make the display what it is able to do through using the right driver IC. As examples, if you want your display to have these features:
● Flicker-free;
● High picture quality (fine and smoothly changing in depth of colors);
● Find the best balance between brightness and cost;
● Power efficient;
● Failure detection on pixels;
● More…

Quality Management

Quality is the key point of manufacturing. We pay attention to every single details during the products. We have a series of workflow in the Electronical Workshop, Module Workshop, Assembling Workshop, and Aging Workshop…

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