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If you are building a very important display, such as the displays installed in London’s airport, or a display installed for such an important occasion as the National Day Parade in Paris or somewhere else in the world, you and your customer would not allow this display to have failure or malfunctions on a cabinet or a column of cabinets.

What can we do to ensure such failure won’t happen?

Firstly let us look at the possible factors that may cause such a breakdown:
1. Failure of power supplies;
2. Failure of receiver cards;
3. Failure of hubs;
You may have heard about such a power supply as double-output supplies. With such a solution, you may have a sort of redundancy when one of the unit breaks down. Please refer to the following connection of the supplies:

Yet, this would not be able to solve all problems.

What if the power cable between the cabinets breaks down?

What if a hub breaks down? (This happens from time to time)

What if a receiver card breaks down? (This would not be surprising as roughly about 3% of the receiver cards could break down in this industry, which is something acceptable and even inevitable.)
The best solution, is to create a real redundancy of power supply and signal, at the same time. Please take a look a the following diagram.

In this solution, you could be guaranteed that there won’t be such an incident happening as a breakdown of a cabinet or a column of cabinets, even though one of the power supply, or receiver card, or hub, or even one of the cable (power or signal) breaks down. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THE SCREEN. Everything seems normal and going just perfectly.
Come and talk to us when you are approached with such an important job next time. You will see the power of technology.

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