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I.World's No. 1 For Outdoor High Resolution Fixed

Simple & clear, we are a pioneer & leader in High-definition Outdoor product segment. Our outstanding, advanced and popular products include:

  • • 2.56 mm (Outdoor);

  • • 3.0 mm (Outdoor);

  • • 3.3 mm (Outdoor);

  • • 3.56 mm (Outdoor);

  • • 4.0 mm (Outdoor);

  • • 4.8 mm (Outdoor);

  • • 2.67 mm(Semil-Outdoor);

And they are:

  • • All “outdoor” are with IP65 or IP67 water-proofing levels;
  • • Most are with front access optional (custom solution);
  • • All with extra low power consumption;
  • • All with best heat dissipation, and therefore the lowest temperature you could get;
  • • Most with flash built-in;
  • • Most with 3-5 different options, from economy to super high end;
  • • All with EMC Class B;

Our strategic flagship product, i.e. 2.56mm, which once again refreshes the title of“the world’s highest resolution for outdoor” internally, comes into being by Christmas’ Eve 2017.

This product is born on the basis of many successes & failures, and therefore it is destined to take the tasks which are impossible for the rest of the world.

About a year later, we had completed the development of a patented model, what we call All Aluminum(Patent no.201620815231.2) which include our famous, word’s unique product of 2.67mm & 3mm outdoor. We opened a big bottle of Champaign when we shipped our first 2.67mm to Europe at the beginning of 2017.

So far, we believe and are acknowledged that we are the pioneer & leader of world’s high resolution outdoor led displays.

Shortly after the launch of 3.91mm outdoor, we started to work on our 3.2mm outdoor which in a lot of people’s eyes was a “crazy” idea, risky & seemingly impossible. Yet, the first order of 15㎡ came from one of our European partners towards the end of 2015. This removed the concern of those who were still reluctant to believe that such a high resolution product was achievable, and we started to be acknowledged to be a pioneer in the high resolution outdoor segment.

We started the feasibility study of a 3mm outdoor in the year of 2014, but what we could have achieved by the first half of 2015 was only a stable 3.91mm outdoor, which later on we switched to 4mm. At that moment, a 3.91mm was the world’s highest resolution.

At this point, people did not stopping questioning the reliability of such as product, some of them did so out of curiosity, others out of being their envy.

II. Our 6 “World’s Most”

i.The Finest Pitch Outdoor For Fixed Installs

Our 3.2mm used to be, and still is (in the rest of the world) the world’s highest resolution for outdoor fixed installs. It was replaced with our 3mm internally as world’s highest resolution, and again with our 2.56mm, which we believe will be leading in this industry for a few more years.

All these products have long before gone through a serious mass production and have been out in real installation for a long time.

ii. Custom Front Access For HD Outdoor Series

Technically all our high-resolution outdoor products are front accessible with a custom-designed method. You certainly are not able to put a key through the PCB on a 2.67mm outdoor or a 3mm outdoor, but with our design, your technician is able to do all services standing in front of the display. We mean “all”, i.e. modules, power supplies, control cards, connectors, etc. This is so far a unique design in the whole industry.

iii. Finest Pitch With Key-type Front Access

4mm outdoor, is our finest pitch with a key-type front access, and this is believed to be the finest pitch in the market that has the “key-type” front access, i.e. the same type with a regular 6mm, 8 mm and 10mm outdoor product.

iv. EMC Class B

All our HD outdoor products, 2.56mm, 3.0mm, 3.33mm, 4mm, 4.8mm and so on are with EMC Class B as an option. Perhaps some of our competitors also claim that they are able to have EMC Class B in their products as well, but please pay attention to this fact that our conformity means at least 2 cabinets installed together working when we do the testing, and the margin that we pass this European norm with ( which now is acknowledged also in the USA and Japan ), is usually at 5db, which means it would not be a problem for the whole display to pass this test & certification. In contrast, as experienced personnel understand and agree, just passing with one cabinet may mean failing in passing with two cabinets connected working.

v. Lowest Power Consumption

By adapting the most advanced & best-fit technologies, by relentless testing to find the way to lower the power consumption, we have successfully realized making the power consumption of our 3mm with all-black led, at the brightness of 5000nits after calibration, at 790W/㎡. We believe this is the lowest power consumption that anyone could achieve in this industry throughout the world, without doubt.

As it is known to all professionals that low power consumption might not be as important for bigger pitches as it is for high-resolution products, especially those for outdoor applications. To save energy is more often than not just a gimmick. It is increasing the brightness in a safe manner that make real good sense, i.e. at a low power consumption level, you have a margin to increase the brightness with all-black leds to a desirable level, such as 5000nit – 5500nits;

vi. Lowest Temperature

High-resolution products, indoor or outdoor, rely much on controllable temperature for staying in good conditions. We have never stopped searching for the best solution for lowering the heat ever since day 1 in our development.

One outstandingly effective step we’ve taken is our patented aluminum module. Thanks to its all-aluminum material in the housing, the heat is effectively dissipated from the leds & drivers to the again aluminum cabinet, and on to the aluminum frame.

Our second effective step is to adapt the most advanced technologies in energy efficiency and the fact that we have successfully developed an electronic solution that is most favorable to saving of power. Our power consumption is about 10-15% lower than a general solution from our competitors.

As an example, with brightness of 5000nits, at the ambient temperature of 29-30°C, our 3mm outdoor with all-black led is at the temperature of about 60°C. This is believed to be the lowest temperature for a 3mm with the same brightness and same type of led throughout the world.

Low temperature is the key to maintain long lifespan for high-resolution products, especially for outdoor fixed applications.

vii. Most Knowledgeable In Technologies & Knowhow

Having specialized in this segment of high resolution outdoor for years, our team have gathered great sufficiency of knowledge & knowhow of all related technologies & techniques.By plowing ahead in this particular product range, we have gone through a lot of hardship and setback, a lot of failures and roadblocks, before we are able to reach the state of maturity of our HD products.

We believe we are at least 2 years ahead of our competitors in this segment.

III. “High End” In Good Sense

Once upon a time people believed that “high end” means using Nichia or Cree led, with the rest at less difference than the led they use. Yet, as time passes, people discover that some good Chinese-made leds are able to work for longer than 5 years in good shape if the electronic solution is well designed and the display is maintained properly, and this is what we believe to be “high end” in good sense, because their performance is at similar level of a Nichia product or a Cree product, but the cost is far much lower.

We have developed our criteria for what a “high-end” product should be:

Less than 13% degradation of brightness of its beginning

brightness after 5 years use;

At least 10% lower in power consumption than the regular product of the similar type in the “general market”, a market in which low cost is much more important than good performance and long lifespan;

Flash-built-in modules for calibration data storing;

Maximum in-shop temperature is 63°C at white-balancing with ambient temperature at 29°CE

14bits color processing;
EMC Class B;

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