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Private Chassis V.S. Out-sourced Chassis

People believe that one of the great advantages that Shenzhen has compared to other places in supplying led display products is you can have all components easily accessible here in the city, especially the chassis, which is believed to be one of the critical components that a lot of factories can buy from factories who produce them and sell to different led manufacturers.

Yet, this is good only for lower-quality-level products. A good factory owns all of its chassis, which is called a private chassis in the market, and this is advantageous for various reasons:
1. The quality is better. The out-sourced chassis is usually poorly made because they are for those manufacturers that are not able to pay for their own molds either because they don’t have the volume or because they want to save money as much as possible. But having your own molds of chassis you do have a choice to make it look better by paying a little bit more money;
2. It’s easy for a private chassis to be modified in accordance with the need from the company’s clients’ group, while it’s hardly possible for an out-sourced chassis to make any modifications at all;
3. A private chassis mold is always better maintained because the company usually wants it to be in good shape to show its quality level, while the supplier of an out-sourced chassis wants to make money out of the mold as much as possible and would not do anything on it if there is some “minor issues”, such as some scratches, or some little damages, or even some wrong sizes, etc..

We Own Our Own Chassis Factory – The Best One

Xin Ka Ming is known as the best chassis maker in Shenzhen. It’s the supplier for the high-end products for most of the major players in this industry. Here all you can find are private molds for chassis only, including our own chassis. This has made Darklight strong in the following aspects:
1. Enabling us to have excellent uniformity in black color on the chassis & the louvers, always, as we do a sophisticated spraying and drying by heating up after that for each order;
2. Enabling us to have great flatness on the surface of the displays, as on top of the fact that we are more knowledgeable than our competitors in chassis production, whenever we find a problem on the surface of the display, we will do the improvements and modifications right away;
3. For the same reasons, we have more knowledge than our competitors in developing some fine and delicate products such as 3.91mm outdoor, and 3.2mm outdoor, etc.

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