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Potting For High Definition Outdoor Products

Potting on a 3.2mm pixel pitch is something that sounds far from real. If you have been in this business long enough, you may be aware that the difference between a 4mm outdoor and a 5mm outdoor, is not just 1mm in their pixel pitch, but there is a big gap to jump over between two products: the potting, the way to fix the PCB, and the method of putting a good and stable grid (mask) on the product, etc.

The potting matter, in particular, is more difficult than the others. So far, non of the existing potting machine is able to work on a 3.2mm for water-proof potting. Modifications have to be done to a good potting machine for such purpose. Think of this, there is a space of only 1mm or so for potting and you must be very careful not only because of the gap being 1mm but also because the total height of the led is usually not more than 2mm, which leaves only 1mm for the height of the silicon of your potting.

In addition to that, for the same reason ofthe seams between pixels being only 1mm,you can’t avoid putting a lot of black silicon on the leds “by accident”, andyou need to clean them each time you are done with a lead board. This reducesthe efficiency.

Furthermore, the flowability of the siliconitself is a great challenge. If the liquid-like silicon is too much fluid, youare not able to control the thickness of the potting, but if it is more of asolid state, it will be stuck up here and there, and it is never an easy job tomake a desirable mixing balance between the flowability and the solid state.

That is no wonder that some of our clients did not believe it when we told them that we were able to do a 4.8mm. They started to believe that only when we told them that we were able to do a 3.9mm. Now we have done a 3.2mm, successfully.

Yet, we’ve always had this philosophy:Opportunities are covered up with difficulties, and disguised with Impossible.We found out a lot of opportunities in difficulties, and we made theseproducts, successfully. They are

3.2mm, 3.9mm, 4.27mm,and 4.8mm,Outdoor, Dual Services

We are far ahead of our competitors in this field now, leaving them about 1 year or so behind us if someone wants to catch up with us.

So far there are about 5 companies that have 5mm outdoor, and about 2-3 companies that are able to make 3.91. We are the only company that has made a 3.2mm outdoor.

Come and talk to us for a sample. You will see how we did it.

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