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What do we do with a display with more than 2000pixels in width, or more than 1000pixels in height?

We use video processors to increase our number of pixels in each frame without interruptions.. A sending card usually controls more or less 2000pixels*1000pixels, which is also called 2K. This pixel matrix can be adjustable to different sizes with the total number of pixels remaining at about 2,000,000pixels. However, there is always a limit of number of pixels either at width or at height. If either of the number of pixels is more than this limit, or the total number of pixels are more than about 2,000,000pixels, whichever comes first, you need to use a video processor to collaborate the video signals sent by more than one sending card in a synchronous manner. The images they display must be seamless, flawless and without interruption.
This is a technology that has been applied in the led display industry since about 10 years ago, and now it’s been more and more frequently used as a result of the definition being higher and higher.

Is the quality of pictures on the display with which a video processor is used able to be as good as a display without a video processor?

The answer is: Yes, it is possible, but you need to choose the right machine to get the job done.

How many video processor producers are there in the market? Which one is better than the rest?

There are more or less 3 or 4 brand names known to this industry. RGB Link, JSee, Magnimage, VDWall.


Our team used to make a good testing on the four brand names on the same display, we discovered that JSee, though with its name almost the least known to manufacturers of the led display industry, has the best performance in almost all aspects, whether it is the stability of the pictures, the refresh rate, the color processing, etc. We have been using this brand name since then.


RGB Link is the last one that you may want to use due to its bad reputation of deliberately disrespect its customers’ interests by encouraging the next levels of customers or end users to come to them directly, from time to time. They make the most expositions of themselves by participating in almost all exhibitions related to led displays, and therefore they are probably the best known video processor in this industry, but their products are not better than the rest.


Is it difficult to use a video processor?

No, not at all. Usually your supplier of led display may choose the right one for us, and will do all the pre-setting for you, but you also will be able to do almost all the setting and connections by following the instruction manual of the products if they do have any. We will provide very detailed information for you when the time comes. It will be just as easy as “plug and play” for you, for sure.

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