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Whenever you have a question, or need assistance technically, you can easily find our team and our information being helpful, no matter whether it is for pre-sales or after-sales. You can either give our team a call for information to fit your project, or even for general information, or, you can also read the information following the links shown here to find out if there is any information that is helpful in answering your questions.

Pre-sales Support

Follow these links you can have information about our products and technologies that we apply in products that we produce:

If you can’t find what you need from the above information, you can also either dial our sales hotline:

+86 755 6182 4558

or simply send us a email for assistance:


You will be sure to have what you need to help from us.

After-sales Service

If you need some after-sales services from us, that means you are our customer. Just contact the sales executive who has helped you in the past transactions. If you are not satisfied with his (her) services, you can simply send a email to the following address, explaining to Jimmy Feng, the managing partner of this company, explaining to him what you want. You will surely be able to get help from him.

Further, we have a professional team of technicians who are always ready to come over to your sites to offer their help when it comes to such need.

In a word, our services cover all aspects related to our products supplied to you, and our strong, out-reaching technological support will fundamentally secure your purchase of the displays from us.

Come and talk to us. You’ll find the difference.

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