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It is known to all that it’s no easy job to find the right partner in the supply side because of different culture, language gap, values of lives, etc. People may want to come to companies for buying a display because of their sizes, believing that since they are of a big size, they are good for them. But more often than not, they soon found themselves in trouble with a lot of big ones. Because:

1.They believe that a company with bigger volume would have advantages in their buying costs for components such as leds and so on. This probably is a wrong perception, unfortunately. In this business circle, whenever there is a gathering, such as seminars by the chamber of commerce and so on, you would be able to hear the “Big Guys” boasting their high profit margin that they get from pressing on the costs from their components suppliers, and the high prices they sell to their “Valuable Clients”. You can also observe their remarkable net profit margin from the financial reports of the listed companies. Among them you can find that Absen has 18% net profit rate, Esdlumin has 17%, and so on. These figures are all net profit after about 30% of their operation expenses. Imagine how much they make in each deal, and make no mistakes: they do have good buying costs from their suppliers, but these advantages would never be reflected to their clients, which is YOU.

2.A bigger company usually has a big sales team. Each manager (they usually call them directors) supervises 15-20 people, and these managers report to the director, and the director reports to the vice president of the company. Therefore, they can’t provide real services. All they like to do, is to sell their existing products that they look for big volumes. When there is a problem, the reporting chain would drag the problem into a long long delay, and eventually the Bosses inside the company would be happy to see all the problems gone without paying much attention;

3.When people boast that their companies grow as fast as shooting a rocket, you’d better be careful, because you might not have a complete understanding how they did this. They do what they can to sell, sell and sell. When there is a problem, they know they can fix it, by either turning to another client, or delaying compensating their clients. They are not worried, because they have a big team. Imagine about 100 sales people calling to the world’s different clients everyday for orders! They don’t care about honesty, long-terms and so on. On the other hand, there are such customers who want to have cheaper stuff, or who like their factories. So why are they worried?

We believe there are a few rules that people can follow in order to find the right partner in supply side. These companies should have one or all of these characteristics:

1.They specialize and focus on a particular market segment. When you look at Absen, Liantronics, Unilumin, or Esdlumin (who is part of Liantronics now), their business seem to cover both rental and fixed installation business. Why? Because that is easy for them to sell, but they are never particularly professional in one area. Radiant, on the other hand, focuses only on staging products and now they have become the best one in this field. Darklight, likewise, specialize in high-definition outdoor & semi-outdoor products development, and has become Number 1 in this field, by far.

2.The owner or co-owner (partners) can be easily accessible so they can communicate with each other over big issues.

3.Your supplier should have clear marketing strategies. They don’t shoot around but just focus and cultivate deeply in a certain market. They stick to their partnership with their clients and never turn around them to reach the next levels of customers, no matter how tempting it is.

4.Your supplier should have the best knowledge of the advanced technologies, and thus you would keep your pace with the most advanced technologies to stay in the best position in the marketplace.

When you speak to Darklight Technology, you will see these characteristics in our company. We encourage our partners to buy from another company for something that we are not good at, so that our clients can be equipped with the products from the best suppliers and they will stay in the most competitive positions.

Come and talk to us. You will see the difference.

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