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There are about 150 companies that produce led displays. They are of different sizes, and some of them sell to domestic markets only. Among them about half have the capability to sell to overseas markets, some of them are bigger or much bigger than the others.
I. Divided By Product Lines
These companies that have the capability to sell to overseas markets can be divided into three group by product lines:


If you have been in this business long enough, you may find it easy to agree, or at least partially agree with the viewpoints on the development trend of the led display products:

Trend 1: Resolution will go higher and higher, especially for outdoor applications.

So far the indoor high-definition displays are becoming a matter of a regular product, though the technology is still not yet stable and there are still a lot of problems to be solved, especially the 4K solution. The use of this type of displays is becoming more popular than a year ago, such as control room, fashion shops, museums, etc.
Likewise, people from the shopping mall, outdoor media, and important sites and locations are starting to look for higher-definition displays for their outdoor applications. About a year ago, the highest resolution you can find in the market for outdoor uses was 5mm in pixel pitch, and it is still one of the highest one in the popular market. But if you are paying close attention enough to the trend of development in this industry, you can easily observe that changes have happened rapidly. Take a look at these numbers:

3.2mm, 3.9mm, 4.27mm, 4.8mm

They are the products that we have developed over the past two years, and they prove to be a success. At the moment, we are far ahead of our competitors in this field, as experienced people may know that a 4.27mm is not just another product other than a 5mm for outdoor. Each level down in the size of pitch means a big step forward. There are difficulties from all aspects of the manufacturing.

And, they are front serviceable!

Trend 2: More advanced technologies will be applied to the displays.

As an example, redundancy of signal and power, pixel fault detection, module detection, etc. So far, some of these features are still expensive, such as redundancy of both signal and power at the same time, but the cost will drop, soon, and it will become popular with the cost going down.

Trend 3: Power Efficiency.

230W in its maximum power consumption for a 20mm display, in comparison with its max power consumption of 1100W as a regular display today, may come as something still in our dream. But we have made it come true. Besides this 340W for 16mm, 220W for 4.3mm (outdoor), etc. have been realized, successfully.
You may have been approached or invited to enter into a tender for a government-related project, and this government is keen on going green, they would appreciate some companies that can bring them a solution that would meaningfully reduce the power consumption in the daily use of the displays. This is something that most of our competitors know but few or even none of them have actually taken a substantive action to have developed a series of these products.
Being exposed to the demand of such advanced products, Darklight Technology has started this project long ago, and have made remarkable progress in this field. Gradually, we are bringing up to the market more and more of our power efficient products, that will make a solid step forward in the “go green” concept.

Trend 4: Being Light in Weight For Wall-mounted Displays

The time has passed or is becoming the past when people are still working on mounting the very heavy cabinets to the walls. People have been struggling to bring up with solutions that can significantly reduce the weight. As a future product that we are planning to launch the market, the product that we are developing will reduce about 2/3rd of the weight.

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